Our Choirs

For more than forty years now, young boys and girls have joined the North Carolina Boys Choir and North Carolina Girls Choir to receive quality musical education and performance experience that has benefited them all of their lives.

The organization is comprised of four choirs: the Training Choir (of boys and girls), the Concert Choir (boys), the Prima Choir (girls), and the Chamber Choir (teenagers and men). Participants come from every segment  of the community and represent many of the schools in the local school systems. Scholarships are available upon request to any choir member who has a financial need and a true desire to sing. Good citizenship, reliability and maturity are fundamental to the program and are expected from everyone. Average tenure in the choir program ranges from three to five years. Our rigorous and comprehensive curriculum ensures the choir’s tradition of artistic excellence and international acclaim.

Being a member of the North Carolina Boys Choir or the North Carolina Girls Choir is rewarding. In addition to singing, the boys and girls are able to attend a fun-filled camp and tour. There are many opportunities for lasting friendships. For those that work hard and become a member of the Concert or Prima Choirs, opportunities will arise and open the doors to some unique travel opportunities. These choirs perform at several venues throughout the year and takes a week-long tour throughout portions of the United States and Canada.

Any boy or girl between the age of seven and eighteen that has an interest in music may audition. Auditions are brief, simple, and designed to test the basic ability to match pitch and sing a simple song. If you would like to audition, please contact Robert Unger (runger@ncboyschoir.org) to schedule a time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, auditions are currently being held online, but an in-person audition may be requested if desired.