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Dedicated to musical excellence for over 40 years!


For boys and girls who love to sing!

The North Carolina Boys Choir and The North Carolina Girls Choir are arts organizations for boys and girls between the ages of seven and eighteen.  They perform in concerts throughout the area and take part in wider opportunities with other choirs.  As the girls and boys progress within the choir, they study progressively more challenging music, are provided with educational opportunities; and travel locally, regionally, nationally, and abroad for performances.

 More than just a choir . . .

The North Carolina Boys Choir and The North Carolina Girls Choir educate and train girls and boys in the art of performing the finest music in the choral tradition.  Through musical training and choral experiences, the girls and boys develop an appreciation of a wide range of choral literature. They gain self-confidence and poise, develop leadership and teamwork skills, and acquire self-discipline and self-respect. They bond with other girls and boys who share their love of music.

 How to join . . .

There are several ways to join us.

1. We hold auditions twice a year: at the beginning of the fall semester (in August and early September) and at the beginning of the winter semester (in January and early February).  THE NEXT OPEN PUBLIC AUDITION DATES CAN BE FOUND HERE.

  • At the auditions, girls and boys and their parents will have an opportunity to observe rehearsals.
  • No formal preparation of singing material or prior singing experience is required.
  • For parents who are unsure as to whether their kids are ready to join the Choir musically and otherwise, do NOT worry.  For our training choir, we are looking for boys and girls with a pleasant singing voice, interest in music, and a very basic music ability.  The auditions are very informal, relaxed and low pressure.  We wholeheartedly welcome all children who are interested in singing to our auditions!

2.  We traditionally hold several day camps on Saturdays in August/September and in January.  There is an easy relaxed atmosphere in the camps, where kids get to play, have fun and learn some choral basics with the special NCBC-developed music curriculum. We provide professional music instruction, snacks, lunch and water.  Participation in camps takes place in lieu of auditions.  THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE NEXT FREE DAY CAMP CAN BE FOUND HERE.

3.  If you missed one of our formal audition or camp dates, do not fret.  Please, contact the Choir Musical Director Robert E. Unger to arrange for an individual audition, by by emailing us at or by filling out the contact form below: