• At the beginning of a new academic year, we look forward to welcoming new singers to one of our acclaimed youth choral programs. The NCBC/NCGC choir lineup features beginner and advanced choral ensembles for girls and boys. We welcome all: newbies with no singing experience to experienced choristers and singers.
  • This year, our enrollment is open to public in August and September.
  • To enroll, you could pursue several options:
  • 2. Alternatively, please reach out to us via to schedule an individual low-key virtual (via Zoom) or live meeting with our Music Director.
  • Beginning and advanced singers (7-15 years old) are welcome to audition for one of our choirs or to attend a workshop in lieu of an audition.
  • No prior singing experience is required to join one of our choirs, as our choral arts organization features three flagship children’s choirs: a training choir for beginning boys and girls, an advanced boys choir and a separate advanced girls choir. Placement into an appropriate choir for each child will be determined at your individual meet and greet session. Our advanced girls choir and advanced boys choir rehearse twice a week. Our training choir rehearses once a week.
  • For teens and young men with changing or changed voices, we have a Chamber ensemble that rehearses once a week.
  • If your child, preteen or teen expresses an interest in singing and would like to work on growing as a singer while having fun and making friends with peers, our choir is for you. More information about why you and your child or teen should consider one of our choirs can be found HERE.
  • All live or virtual meet-and-greet sessions are set up as individual, one-on-one meetings with our Music Director. They are short, relaxed, low-pressure and informal, so do not hesitate to reach out to schedule a meeting either in-person or via Zoom. We would love to meet you and your child, and discuss all singing opportunities one of our choirs may have to offer for your family.
  • Email us at INFO@NCBOYSCHOIR.ORG to schedule this informal meeting with you, your child and our Music Director. Once you reach out to us, we will get back to you shortly to arrange a virtual or live meeting.

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