January-February 2021 auditions

Dear prospective choristers and their families:

As always, in January and February of each year, we look forward to welcoming new singers on-board. Both beginning and advanced singers (7-14 years old) are welcome to audition for one of our choirs. Our choral arts organization features three flagship children’s choirs: a training choir for beginning boys and girls, an advanced boys choir and a separate advanced girls choir.

If your child, preteen or teen expresses interest in singing, please contact us. All auditions or “virtual meet-and-greet sessions” are one-on-one, relaxed, low-pressure and informal, so do not hesitate to reach out and schedule an online meeting with us. We would love to meet you and your child, hear your child’s voice and discuss all singing opportunities one of our choirs may have to offer to your family. Email us at INFO@NCBOYSCHOIR.ORG to schedule an audition.

Here is additional helpful information about our Spring 2021 semester plan, audition opportunities and other important information:


We are about to commence our Spring 2021 semester. Due to COVID-19 pandemic conditions in North Carolina, we modified the structure of our usual choral semester. In Fall 2020, we offered a hybrid model that worked well and offered both: an incredible music education value to the choir families and an opportunity to continue their choral development to our singers during this pandemic. The hybrid model featured the following combination:

  • 1 hr. weekly virtual rehearsals for advanced choirs (30 min for training choir);
  • 30 min. weekly optional live rehearsals in Chapel Hill (distanced, masked, held outside). Attendance at live rehearsal is not mandatory for choristers at this time.
  • 30 min. weekly or bi-weekly individual voice lessons for our Concert and Prima Choir choristers;
  • Additional virtual choir projects and recordings for all choirs.

To view just a few samples of our work from the Fall 2020 Semester, please take a look at the following YouTube videos:

Silent Night (NCBC + NCGC, December 2020)

Pretty Little Horses (NCGC, December 2020)

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow (NCBC, August 2020)

Our Spring 2021 Semester is likely to feature a similar combination of optional in-person sessions, online rehearsal sessions for each choir, individual voice lessons for advanced choir singers, and virtual recording projects. We are likely to perform either a virtual or a live concert at the end of the semester, depending on the pandemic conditions in North Carolina in the spring 2021. Should the public health situation in North Carolina change, we plan to review and modify this plan accordingly.


At the beginning of each semester we audition boys and girls for participation in our choirs.

**NCBC and NCGC is holding and accepting requests for virtual auditions in the months of January and February 2021. No advanced preparation is required; auditions are informal. Email us at INFO@NCBOYSCHOIR.ORG for more information.

**We also have some limited slots available for live auditions in Chapel Hill on Saturday mornings upon request.

**No prior music or singing experience is required for enrollment in our beginning choir. For our beginners, we work to develop voices and musical know-how over the years. Additionally, we keep the size of that choir small to bring out your child’s natural singing talent in a small group and to help with any natural timid demeanor.

** Offers to join an advanced choir are based on a combination of music background, experience and age of the auditioning singer.

We have openings for girls and boys in our advanced choirs and our beginning choir:

  • Training (Beginner Boys and Girls)
  • Prima (Advanced Girls Only)
  • Concert (Advanced Boys Only)

TO AUDITION FOR ONE OF OUR CHOIRS OR ASK ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL US AT INFO@NCBOYSCHOIR.ORG. In your email, include as much of the following information, as possible:

  • Your Child’s First Name
  • Your Child’s Grade Level
  • Your First and Last Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Preferred Auditions Method (Virtual Audition via Zoom, Live or Audio Submission via Email or a file upload)
  • Feel, free to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

We will get back to your shortly to arrange an audition. We look forward to learning about your child’s singing interests, and welcoming your child to one of our choirs.


  • The music expertise of our artistic staff is unparalleled:
  1. our Music Director has over 40 years of experience conducting leading girls choirs and boys choirs throughout the United States;
  2. our Associate Music Director and Lead Accompanist has over 20 years of experience and is an accomplished, in-demand organist, pianist and vocal coach in the State; and
  3. our Associate Accompanist is a University Music Instructor with over 15 years of college-level music teaching experience.
  • Virtual and optional live rehearsals are available during Spring 2021 Semester
  • The size of our choirs is deliberately small, so children receive a good amount of individual attention from conductors
  • Advanced singers benefit from individual music lessons as part of their choral education. That is an amazing opportunity, privilege and value for our singers
  • While we conduct a separate advanced boys choir and advanced girls choir, our choirs have many opportunities to collaborate with each other and expand their respective performance ranges on certain music selections.
  • Our choristers benefit from learning virtual choir and recording skills, in addition to traditional choral rehearsals
  • We engage in touring, performing and camping opportunities (these are currently subject to modifications due to COVID-19)
  • Need-based scholarships are available
  • We provide an overall incredible quality and value in music education.


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