NCBC and NCGC organization is working hard to find new methods of bringing our choristers together during COVID-19 to make music, to sing, and to continue developing our musicianship. We started by developing digital curriculum for our choristers, and holding weekly virtual rehearsals for each choir. As our isolation time progressed and this pandemic went on in its unrelenting ways, the concept of a virtual choir emerged.

Each of our choirs (training choir, boys choir, girls choir and chamber choir) was assigned a piece to study, rehearse and perform. We worked together, virtually, for several weeks perfecting our musical understanding of these pieces. Then, with help of our choristers and their families, each singer recorded his or her part, and we handed those pieces to the multi-talented hands of our artistic staff.

Virtual choirs are neat and they are a great way to make music “together” during these troubling times. They allow choristers to continue their singing and musical development, individually and as a group, toward one, common unifying objective, and then to deliver a beautiful finished project to keep as a reminder of beauty and resilience of human spirit for a lifetime.

Virtual choirs take a lot of time, effort and technical know-how to create and we look forward to premiering our finished projects for each choir shortly. Come, visit our website for an announcement about our virtual choir premiers at the end of June 2020.

We have learned a lot, and plan to incorporate the virtual choir component into our formal choral curriculum for the fall 2020 semester, so we could continue our growth as singers, COVID-19 or not.


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