On the road again! N.C. Boys Choir sings in Greenville and Wilmington

School’s out, summer is here, and the North Carolina Boys Choir and North Carolina Chamber Choir are bringing their harmonies to its state. The choirs performed June 18 at First Presbyterian Church in Greenville, N.C. Below are photos from the performance. The choristers sounded angelic in a beautiful church.


The boys had a wonderful time at their host homes and had a nice breakfast.

On June 19 the choir, staff and chaperons spent the morning at Greenville’s lovely Elm Street Park, played ultimate Frisbee and capture the flag, then had delicious sandwiches prepared by Ms. Marsha Harris, Mrs. Kim Brouwer, and Mr. Kip Brouwer.

They traveled to Wilmington and Winter Park Baptist Church and had a feast of wonderful Southern buffet, an awesome delight after a very hot day.

The Boys Choir and Chamber Choir sang beautifully to a thunderous applause — from the heavens, as a heavy storm broke.  The storm caused the power to fluctuate, and the electric organ reset three times, but Assistant Choir Director and accompanist David Cole took it in stride and recovered beautifully. At one point, the electric organ shut down all together due to the thunder, and the lights went out momentarily. The heavenly voices soared above the din of the thunder and ended the evening with the beautiful hymn — “May the Lord bless you and keep you.”

Below are photos from that performance.

IMG_5558 IMG_5553 IMG_5543

On June 20 the choir sang on the battleship USS North Carolina, then had fun at the beach.

We are so grateful to the communities of the churches for hosting the boys for supper and a reception as well as staying overnight in their homes. Such a wonderful way for the choir to meet the people of the state of which it is the official boys choir.


  1. I was so glad to see that the choir is still going on strong. I use’t to sing under Mr.Tuat and Mr. Stevenson back in 94. Good memories some of us still keep in touch. Awesome times.

    1. That’s wonderful, Clarence. Thanks for sharing with us. Please, consider visiting with the choir, writing to us, singing with the Chamber Ensemble and attending our events. We love nothing more than the North Carolina Boys Choir alumni counting themselves as our extended choir family.

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